Weed Control

Beautifully landscaped lawns can be crowded out and even damaged by invading weeds.  The unsightly culprits draw nutrients and moisture from the soil and away from grass and shrubs.  They compete for space and if left untreated, can completely take over a once healthy lawn.  Proper inspection and treatment by a landscape professional can prevent this type of invasion and assist in maintaining thick, healthy turf grass and thriving shrubbery and plants.
Weeds vary with climate, soil and season.   Proper treatment for each classification is required in order to destroy present weeds as well as helping to reduce future propagation.  Two of the most prevalent species found in Florida lawns are the grassy weed and the broadleaf weed.  Crabgrass is an example of a grassy weed.  It is best controlled when treated prior to its germination in the spring.  Hot, dry weather creates the perfect condition for Crabgrass to thrive and spread.  Dandelions, Clover and Thistles fall into the broadleaf category.  Unlike grassy weeds, a broadleaf weed is best treated with a post emergent herbicide which is absorbed by its leaves and continues to circulate into the root system.  Treatment for these weeds must be done on a regular basis as they tend to germinate and re-invade the same area.  Some weeds, such as Dollar Weed thrive on overly wet or improperly watered lawns.  Dollar Weed is very difficult to control.  An inappropriate amount or type of herbicide can be ineffective as well as damage otherwise healthy grass.
Thick, healthy lawns are much less likely to be invaded by weeds than their sparse, neglected counterparts.  As with all lawn problems, weeds are best and most easily remedied with regular monitoring and inspection by a landscape professional.  Proper watering, fertilization and herbicide application strengthens roots and helps prevent an outbreak that can seriously threaten the health and beauty of a landscape.  Pro-Turf Landscape Professionals have extensive knowledge of Florida lawns and the weeds that invade them.  Their training and experience can ensure proper treatment of each unique landscape with the creation of a customized plan that prevents weed infestation and keeps lawns and gardens looking their very best.