Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

A healthy, well maintained landscape always makes a good impression.  Lush, green turf grass is a must whether it surrounds a home or business property.  Manicured shrubs and trees bring a professional, cared-for feel to any grounds.  Whether it consists of ornamental grasses planted in pristine mulched beds, large carefully shaped barrier hedges, or intricately sculpted shrubs and trees, a landscape shows your personality and creates a welcoming atmosphere.  Landscape maintenance can be a very time consuming task.  Lawn care professionals provide a service that can save a home or business owner considerable time and money.
Florida’s climate can make a healthy green lawn difficult to achieve.  Drought, high temperatures, humidity and insect infestation can quickly destroy what was once a thick carpet of grass.  Regular professional inspection and treatment of a lawn can strengthen its root system, helping to prevent winter damage as well as decreasing the likelihood of insect infestation.  Proper fertilization and watering are essential to the health and well-being of tropical grasses.  Over watering can cause Dollar Weed or Fungus to develop.  Under watering can cause grass roots to be scorched by bright sunlight.  Over fertilization or improper application of fertilizers can be detrimental to a lawn.  Lawn aeration may be necessary to loosen compacted soil allowing water penetration and exchange of the stale air in soil with fresh air from the atmosphere.  Maintaining the proper length of finicky grass, such as St. Augustine will help prevent damage due to bright sunlight and high temperatures and aid in water retention.
Optimum growth for trees and shrubs depends on proper pruning, watering and fertilization.   Pruning removes unsightly and dead branches or limbs and prevents the spread of insect activity and disease.  Proper pruning can also help maintain the desired size and shape of shrubs and hedges.  Flowering plants may even be stimulated to bloom more quickly and with thicker blossoms.  Different shrubs and trees require varying amounts of water.  Too much or too little water can cause premature death for any shrub.  Fertilization must be done during the proper seasons in order to promote growth in spring and summer and to help prevent winter damage.  Shrubs and trees must be inspected and treated for insects and disease at the first signs in order to prevent damage or death.
Pro-Turf offers professional lawn analysis and will customize a plan to suit the specific need of any property.  A healthy landscape provides a beautiful atmosphere in which to live or work.