During the planning of a new landscape or the refurbishment of an existing one, the addition of an automatic sprinkler system is certainly a wise investment.  It is also a significant home improvement which will reap many benefits in water conservation and property value.   An automatic sprinkler system will ensure that proper watering requirements of all types of lawns and shrubbery are met.  The accurate planning and design of the system is essential to the good health and maximum growth of lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees.  When properly installed, an automatic sprinkler system is the most convenient and efficient way to ensure there is no over or under watering of your landscape.

Types of irrigation systems are as varied as the landscapes they encompass.  When planning the installation of an irrigation system, many factors must be taken into consideration.  The scope and size of the area to be serviced, the slope of the property, type of soil, areas with direct sunlight exposure, shady areas, run-off from other systems and even the prevalent wind direction must be figured in to optimize the system’s efficiency.  A landscape design professional will develop a plan that is customized for each unique property prior to installation.  Specific types of sprinkler heads are chosen based on the style of coverage required by each zone.  A zone is a group of sprinklers linked together due to the fact that the areas they cover have the same or similar watering requirements.  Grassy areas require a different type of sprinkler head than a hedge row, flower beds or other shrubbery.  Spray-type sprinklers create a fan-shaped spray pattern, while a rotor-type sprinkler uses one or more streams of water that either rotate back and forth or make a complete circle.  Drip irrigation is installed when a slow steady amount of water is needed in specific areas, such as flower beds.  In order to fulfill the needs of a healthy landscape, the correct sprinkler type must be installed in each zone.  Controllers or timers are installed to take the guess work out of watering times and ensure that the specific need of each zone is met.

Proper maintenance of an irrigation system is paramount to keeping a lawn and plantings healthy and disease free.  Broken or bent sprinkler heads can cause dry patches and wet spots.  Dry areas with weak root systems attract insects, such as chinch bugs which can cause extensive damage to lawns.  Wet spots indicate wasted water and are breeding grounds for fungi and other disease.   Sprinkler heads that do not retract properly may be damaged by lawn mowers, requiring replacement.  A well planned and maintained irrigation system will save time and money, conserve water and bring years of worry free beauty to any landscape.

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