Insect & Disease Control

A healthy, beautiful landscape is foremost in the minds of every home and business owner.  A lush, green lawn and shrubbery are indicative of the care and attention they are given.  Visitors to a property immediately notice the pride taken in its maintenance.  Insects and Disease can completely obliterate an otherwise attractive lawn if not promptly and properly treated.  Landscape professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep a property looking picture perfect with regular inspections, enabling them to prevent or remedy disease and insect infestation.
It can be very difficult for a home or business owner to discern the differences in diseases and pests.  Proper identification and treatment must be done in a timely manner in order to prevent further damage or death to sod and plantings.  Different insects infest sod and shrubbery at varying times of the year.  Diseases also vary in type based on climate and season.
Some diseases are caused by fungi and can be exacerbated by over watering or a defective sprinkler head.  Other diseases thrive in grass or shrubs that don’t receive enough water, especially during summer months.   Monitoring grass for brown spots or other discoloration can prevent the spread of disease. Grass and shrubs with healthy root systems are naturally more resistant to diseases of all kinds.
Insects such as Chinch Bugs and Sod Web Worms can quickly destroy a Florida lawn and be extremely difficult to contain.  Regular application of the appropriate fertilizer and pesticide, combined with proper watering and mowing can strengthen roots and make sod more resistant to insect infestation.  Prompt treatment of any pests can curtail further damage and prevent the need to replace large areas of a lawn.  Sod replacement can be costly and time consuming.  The old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, comes to mind.  Pro-Turf Landscape Professionals are extensively trained and experienced in disease prevention and treatment as well as identifying and treating potential insect problems.  The knowledge they bring can give the home or business owner peace of mind as well as a healthy landscape.