Hardscape (Pavers)

The perfect landscape of today goes far beyond that of the past.  Of course the most desirable landscapes are made up of lush beautiful lawns, healthy trees and shrubs rich with foliage and flowers, but more than ever, include outdoor living areas.  Hardscape has long been used for driveways and sidewalks, however, warmer climates such as those in Florida beg for year round outdoor entertaining.   Pavers have become the most popular type of hardscape in recent years due to several factors.  Their versatility, affordability, strength and durability make them the perfect choice for adding to the curb appeal and décor of a home or business.  The additional functionality of outdoor entertainment areas greatly increases the value of a home or office building.
With the use of pavers, driveways and entryways can become a perfect addition to a home or business.  Using proper shape and color, these areas can complement the architectural design of the structures they adjoin.  Pro-Turf offers a wide array of paving options, including brick pavers, which are among the most versatile products available today.  Their many colors, sizes, shapes, designs and patterns can be used to either blend in with a structure or make a grand statement.  In places such as a pool decks, entertainment areas, walkways, garden pathways and courtyards, these features, combined with their slip resistance, make brick pavers a top landscaping choice.  Simple structures can benefit from entryways that include interesting shapes or patterns.  Ornate structures may look more interesting with driveways that echo their curves.  Straight lines might feel more welcoming with the use of bricks.  Pavers are more durable than concrete for driveways and sidewalks, as they are flexible and not likely to crack due to cold or hot weather expansion or contraction.  Adding to their affordability, pavers can provide optimum performance for up to 30 years and because they are set individually, can be easily replaced if a problem occurs.
Outdoor living spaces are becoming ever more desirable to home owners.  Whether cozy and informal or large and extravagant, an outdoor entertainment area can greatly increase the size of a home’s livable space.  A simple patio becomes a beautiful and useful extension of a home with the addition of an outdoor kitchen.  The outdoor “room” should create a seamless transition between a home and lawn or garden.  Steps can be used to add ease, accessibility and interest to multi-level areas.  The addition of free-standing or retaining walls, columns, steps or fire features brings functionality, creates points of interest and complements gardens or outdoor living areas.  Whether rough or smooth, natural textures are desirable.  The addition of a wall system will add appeal, structural support and seating space.  Fireplaces and fire pits, whether square or circular, can be placed on new or existing patios to bring warm ambience to any gathering.  Their ability to add dimension, functionality and a unique focal point make fire pits a definite asset.  Pavers, in any form, add interest, beauty and style to a landscape.