Custom Landscape Installation & Design

Lush, healthy landscaping always beautifies and enhances a property.   It is also an investment that will increase property value and desirability.  Customized landscape design plays an integral part in creating the atmosphere desired by a homeowner or property manager. The design can be as simple as a beautiful lawn with a healthy carpet of grass surrounded by complementary shrubs and trees, or as detailed as the sprawling grounds of a grand estate, complete with perfectly manicured gardens and hedges.  Whether the project is a single residence, multiple residence community or business surroundings, a landscape design professional can assist in planning and meeting the particular needs of the customer.  Private residences which are located within a deed restricted community can be particularly complicated to landscape due to strict specifications.  The assistance of a landscape design professional can greatly reduce an owner’s consternation.
Landscape design professionals are essential to ensure that desired goals are reached with respect to atmosphere, feasibility and efficiency.  These goals may be for beautification or attracting wildlife and butterflies.  Goals may also include more functional and economic or environmental use of a property, such as using trees and shrubs for shade and energy efficiency.  Landscaping may be used to screen unsightly items such as air conditioners, pumps or fences.  Utilizing a landscape design professional allows the home or property owner to concentrate on the desired outcome of the project rather than the specific details, planning and uncertainty that goes along with any outdoor project.
Depending on the desire of the home or property owner, the landscape design professional has the ability to direct the project for the appropriate use of space, soil, sunlight, shade patterns, irrigation, drainage and suitable plantings.  Taking all these into consideration is essential for beautification as well as the health and longevity of grasses, shrubs and trees.  The correct positioning of planting beds, turf areas, trees and hedges will also add to functionality and provide for future growth.  Entertainment or circulation areas designed with pavers or other hardscape require careful planning and much attention to detail.  Such projects can become very costly and time consuming if not done by a professional.  Plantings and outdoor lighting in entertainment areas are extremely important, as they can affect safety and use.  Shrub sizes and growth patterns must be such that pathways are unobstructed for maximum use of the outdoor living space.
Pro-Turf landscape professionals are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of Custom Landscape Design, including Landscape Lighting, Irrigation Services, Hardscape (pavers), Sod Placement/Replacement and Mulching.  Pro-Turf has been making landscape dreams come true since 2003.