Commercial Lawn Care

Your landscaping is the first thing your customers or visitors see when they arrive at your property or place of business.  You only have ONE CHANCE to make a good first impression.  Let your well-maintained grounds not only welcome the first time customer but also attract new customers.  Whether your business is in a strip mall, a private lot or a large property, an attractive landscape is essential.  The outward appearance of an office, business or property is extremely important in the eyes of the individual who may be searching for a professional in any field, not to mention those looking at a property to lease or purchase.  The care one sees in lush, green, healthy landscaping is indicative of the level of care that can be expected of the business or property owner/manager.
Commercial lawn care accounts include but are not limited to small office buildings, doctors’ offices, hospitals, schools, restaurants, banks, shopping centers and residential properties, whether for lease or purchase.  Your lawn care should be tailored to fit you specific needs, whether large or small.  Commercial lawn care professionals should be educated in and have special knowledge regarding trees, plants and grasses that are native to Florida as well as a general all-round knowledge and experience in landscaping popular in the region.  Whether a property is small with very few trees, shrubs and plants or consists of multiple acres covered with intricate design, care must be taken to ensure the beauty, health and long life of the landscape.
The plan for each commercial customer should be as unique as the business or property.  Location, climate, size and the atmosphere the client desires to convey should all be factored into a personalized care plan.  It can be as simple as a beautifully manicured lawn or as ornate as the grounds and gardens of a sprawling estate.  Parking lots are no longer simply asphalt or pavement, but a welcoming entry to your business or an immediate eyesore.  Neat, well-maintained, healthy entry areas are not only pleasing to the eye, but make any customer feel welcome and at home.