A neat, clean, well-maintained landscape is not only more attractive but also healthier than a neglected one.  Much time and energy is required in order to keep any property in tip top condition, however a landscape professional has the knowledge and experience to give home and business owners a landscape that requires minimal attention.  Proper clean-up and mulching can do more than beautify a lawn or garden.  Whether a property consists of a small lawn with simple plantings or large acreage covered with magnificent gardens and intricate details, proper maintenance is essential to ensure its beauty and long life.
Proper weeding, edging, pruning and trimming can both enhance the beauty of a landscape and encourage proper growth and health of flowers, trees and shrubs.  Removal and pruning of unsightly dead trees and shrubs is a must to prevent the spread of insect activity and disease.  Regular inspection by a landscape professional can greatly reduce the likelihood that a property will suffer from these problems.  A newly acquired property with many “rough spots” can be quickly brought to life with a professional clean-up.  Proper planning for future additions to a landscape should be done during an initial clean-up in order to make the installation of flower beds, trees and shrubs more time and cost efficient.
Mulching is extremely important with the installation of a new landscape as well as the renovation and ongoing maintenance of an existing one.  Mulch not only adds to the beauty of a lawn or garden, but is very beneficial to the environment.  Mulching helps to conserve water, protect the roots of plants and shrubs from heat and cold, discourage weed growth and even enrich the soil.  Many types of mulching materials are available for use and choosing the correct type for each planting is extremely important.  Some of the more popular ones are Cypress Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch, Pine Bark Nuggets and wood chips.  Many professional landscapers prefer to use a combination of coarse and fine mulch to help provide extra nutrients for the soil while protecting plant roots.  Proper placement and measurement is essential in order to provide adequate coverage and ensure the health of the plantings it surrounds.  Mulch that is installed improperly can adversely affect the shrubs and trees it is intended to protect.  Pro-Turf Landscape Professionals are highly trained and experienced in clean-up and proper mulching techniques and will provide home and business owners with a landscape of which they can be proud.